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Coordinated approach to improved environmental genotoxicity testing: EcoGenoTox

EcoGenoTox aims to establish a network of experts providing research, expertise, services and new methods development in the field of environmental toxicology at both national and international level.

Regulations under the REACH programme require testing of chemicals for effects on health and the environment. Various well‐established genotoxicity testing assays are available; some have been approved by OECD or EU, and guidelines as to how they should be carried out are published. No single test is sufficient, and all tests have significant limitations. A carefully selected optimal combination of assays relevant to existing Norwegian or European regulations and based on practical usefulness is therefore required.
 Latest News

The first EcoGenoTox Workshop meeting was held at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) on April 28, 2011. The aim of the meeting was to bring together scientists, representatives of industry and regulatory bodies. The program of the workshop covered a number of topics, including identifying a battery of tests for future development as tools for use in:

• testing chemicals for genotoxicity, e.g. under the REACH programme
• monitoring genotoxic effects on sentinel organisms in the natural environment
• human biomonitoring

Project website set up with NILU IT Support help. It will allow to centralize the network activity and secure coordination and sustainability of the network.

Comet Biotech AS is now responsible for overall supervision and coordination of the project.   
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